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Geoffrey D. Falksen (born July 31, 1982), is an American author, well known for his work in the steampunk and science fiction genres.

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In 2008, Falksen's steampunk work began to grow in popularity. His work includes several short stories set in his "Cities of Ether" setting,[1] as well as the adventure stories "An Unfortunate Engagement" and "The Mask of Tezcatlipoca," featured in Steampunk Tales;[2] His work has also appeared in the Footprints and Steampunk Reloaded anthologies.[3][4] His debut novel, Blood in the Skies, was published by Wildside Press in July 2011; it is the first in a planned series entitled The Hellfire Chronicles, and is accompanied by a concurrently released soundtrack consisting of music from various steampunk artists.

He writes a blog for science fiction website on various topics including reviews, social issues, and current events. He has also written essays for the programs of several Steampunk-themed events, including the Steampunk Art Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford[5]and the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition.

His large number of articles on the genre have garnered mainstream attention:[6] The Chap Magazine dubbed him "America's authority on the movement"[7] in one of their discussions of Steampunk, Marie Claire Italy described him as "a specialist in this field,"[8] and Papermag has called him "the unofficial face of Steampunk."[9] His opinions on the genre are frequently quoted in discussions of steampunk in a variety of publications such asCRN,[10] Bizarre Mag,[11] and local-interest sites.[12]


The Ouroboros Cycle[edit]Edit

  1. The Ouroboros Cycle Book One: A Monster’s Coming-Of-Age Story

The Hellfire Chronicles[edit]Edit

  1. Blood In The Skies
  2. Ash On The Wind (Forthcoming)
  3. Fire In The Storm (Forthcoming)

The Cities of Ether[edit]Edit

Serials and short fiction[edit]Edit


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